Why keegan bradley is respecting carlton fisk at the united states open

Keegan Bradley's near-legend popularity hits new levels this week 

The last of Hopkinton High School to make a steady start at the US Open 

Celebrities have turned into a fan primary at the USA club in Brooklyn. 

He was one of the co-pioneers in Sunday's closing cycle.

Two strokes behind and entered into contention. 

Even the roots near them are enough to make the idea of ​​fanatics close, 

He also has a few more Boston ties. 

quite different from Bradley, Jillian's uncle, 

As a calculation of reality, so is Carlton Fisk. 

Purple Sox legend through golfing sports shoes 

who have "27" and "Uncle Pudge" on them. 

Bradley, who pitched the primary pitch at Fenway Park on Tuesday, 

The US Open has become a fan favorite in its cutting edge year. 

A huge group has kept him nearby to play.