Uvalde native Matthew McConaughey visits White House to push for stricter gun legal guidelines and intellectual fitness reform

Texas actor held a mass shooting with President Joe Biden on Tuesday

After the meeting spoke about the reaction at a press briefing. 

An Uvalde gunman killed 19 youth and two instructors at a basic faculty last month. 

Uvalde-born actor Matthew McConaughey at the White House Tuesday in his eyes on intellectual fitness improvement, 

Violation of strict gun regulation and gun legal guidelines 

Mentioned the bipartisan proposal on punishment for the offenders. 

Austin-area resident Rob impressed through mass capturing at Elementary 

was clearly suffocated while sharing the testimony of the families, 

In which 19 fourth graders and two instructors were killed and at least 17 others were injured. 

In a press briefing in the James S. Brady briefing room after meeting with President Joe Biden, McConaughey said, 

"There is an experience that is probably an attainable course ahead." 

"The events responsible in this debate are at least to sit down and form a new and manifold 

Dedicated to having genuine dialogue about the way forward, 

A direction that can bring us closer together and make us safer as a country, 

One Direction that can actually get something accomplished this time."