United States Song superstar Toby Keith says he has colon cancer 

USA Tune Movie Big Name Added By Toby Keith 

that he's preventing max colon cancer by looking at that overdose 

have received treatment in the past year though 

and recover quickly. 

your test report on sunday 

In a statement posted on Twitter and Instagram, 

reported that maximum was identified with cancer. 

I did chemo for the last 5 to 6 months. 

have spent receiving radiation and surgical treatment. 

Kovid says epidemic, net web page. 

In 2021, the then President Donald Trump gave Keith national medal of art,

Whom national settlement for humanities "from the United States 

Artists and humanities through the use of officers 

Describes as the great award given to customers. 

"Tobby Keith is a singer, lyricist, musician and humanist, 

Who has completed 11 USO tours so far. 

They have 32 # 1 single, "National Entrepreneurship for Art 

Said in the release of January 2021.