Trump Claims Daughter Ivanka Was 'Checked Out' and Wasn't Searching Election Results

Former President Donald Trump's daughter a day after House January 6 committee 

And after a never-before-seen video of Ivanka Trump, senior adviser, appeared, 

He famously announced the then-Attorney General Bill Barr's declaration 

that the Justice Department has not determined enough fraud to reverse the election 

the former president is responding, saying that he has 

"There was a long time you're supposed to have checked out." 

"Ivanka Trump was no longer concerned with exploring or studying election results. 

She had been thinking for a long time that the check out was done and in my opinion, 

Bill Barr as a whole and his role as Attorney General 

(She sucked!)," Trump wrote on his social media platform Truth Social. 

While Trump was in his administration at the time of the January 6, 2021, riots 

Wants to reduce the role of his daughter, yet Ivanka Trump 

Rally with father in the White House Ellipse, which took place before the US Capitol attack. 

In the clip of his statement that aired Thursday night, 

his response to Ivanka Trump at once 

When Barr said that there was not once a major election fraud.