The Detroit Pistons secured veteran Kemba Walker from the New York Knicks as a component of a 3-group exchange, 

Detroit Pistons fire veteran janitor Kemba Walker from New York Knicks 

Received as a feature of the three-group exchange including the Charlotte Hornets, 

Similarly, the Pistons did Jalen Duren on Thursday night. 

Received draft privileges. 

Sources told Wojnarowski that Walker and the Pistons had to negotiate a deal. 

Must check purchases that will allow him to become a free expert. 

The Knicks exchange 2023 Denver Nuggets first-round picks, 

which he received from the Oklahoma City Thunder earlier Thursday, 

In addition to the four second-round picks, the Memphis community is giving Durren 

For Hornet for the privileges, which was chosen No. 

13 by Charlotte. New York, at the time, was the winner of the 2025 Milwaukee Bucks. 

Duren and Walker replaced Pistons for the first round pick.  

Walker, 32, is on $9.2 million compensation for this impending season,