Summer solstice 2022: Sensual customs on the longest day of the year

The middle year of the year 2022 is seeing Sankranti. 

summer and with it the greatest daylight, 

With comes a bunch of intensity, an abundance of heartfelt energy and collection. 

The solstice is generally associated with fruitfulness 

Examines a part of long-standing summer customs 

, Overall, we will examine a portion of the science. 

When is the late spring solstice in 2022? 

This was exactly 09:13 UTC (Universal Coordinated Time) on Tuesday, 

Will happen on June 21, as indicated by NASA. 

Your time zone according to UTC 

Decides the time and date of Sankranti. 

This method 09:13 UTC selects spread around the world 

Nearby in places is with time 

(And look at the movement of time from east to west)