Summer Game Fest 2022: All the information and details

SummerSummer Game Fest host Geoff Keighley told followers today 

warned to exceed their expectations for the livestream event of, 

Which kicks off several days of demos and events. 

And really, the show didn't have a lot of big performances. 

Mainly because of one of its biggest announcements, 

A PlayStation 5 remake of The Last of Us, leaked just before the show. 

But the Summer Game Fest has set the stage for the big titles of the year to come. 

Manipulated to introduce some surprises and new gameplay. 

In addition, for some reason, it greatly worried outer space. 

In case you didn't trap the show, you can check out the biggest bulletin below. 

There's a New Aliens Entertainment Coming Next Year 

Aliens and Aliens games, to put it mildly, fluctuate in quality. 

And we don't understand much about Aliens: Dark Descent, a newly introduced installment in the franchise. 

(This is most likely unrelated to Frictional Amnesia: The Dark Descent.) 

Developer Tindalos Interactive describes it as a squad-based motion sport 

where you lead a group of Colonial Marines to Xenomorph and a new, unknown enemy. 

The entertainment is scheduled for launch in 2023 on current and next-generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles, plus PC.