Starfield gameplay only 15 minutes 

Starfield debuts at Microsoft's Xbox and Bethesda showcase 

After Jhalak was postponed to 2023 last year, 

Now we're back to Bethesda's first game in 25 years thanks to 15 minutes of gameplay 

Approaching a mile on the new IP. 

Starfield is, naturally, set in that area. 

Where gamers will take on the role of the last group of explorers. 

Defined as "Skyrim in the arena" by entertainment director Todd Howard, 

Although mainly it is first person. 

which during the initial degree of gameplay, 

Crete's moon can be reached 

is just one of over 1,000 planets, 

is just one of over 1,000 planets, 

Which players can be able to fly and explore freely. 

Powered by Bethesda's new Arrival Engine 2, 

The first Starfield gameplay allows one player to play first- and third-character roles. 

Shows moving freely in both scenes, 

collects resources, and worrying creatures that additionally 

Many of the planets in the starfield may have pastures.