Republican Liz Cheney's main function in Jan. 6 hearings threatens her very own future

Liz Cheney is the peak Republican on the House panel investigating the violent attack on the Capitol. 

and his work in the historic hearing beginning Thursday night. 

will have an impact on his personal political future, 

Which cannot happen even in Congress now. 

While initially some people at his birthday party 

slammed the position of then-President Trump in the January 6 siege, 

He soon reversed course. to continue publicly 

Cheney's choice and relentless criticism of Trump honored him at a birthday party. 

When protesters breached the Capitol on January 6, Cheney was once a 0.33 perfect rating House Republican. 

Jamie Ruskin, a former constitutional regulation professor who never ran the 2020 election 

were preparing their comments to substantiate the results, 

He heeded the texts about the danger and went to Cheney on the house floor. 

"She certainly used to be the first man or woman, when someone wrote me a picture of the rebels, 

who had entered the building waving a Confederate war flag, 

And I crossed the aisle and I said, 'Liz, look, it looks like this 

That we are here under the new administration,'" Ruskin told NPR.