Rapper Lil Tjay supposedly goes through a medical procedure subsequent to being shot in New Jersey

Fans of the web-based entertainment sent prayers and support to Lil Tje, 

That's when it was revealed that the rapper was shot in New Jersey on Wednesday. 

Citing unknown policing, 

Lil Tje was shot in Edgewater, New Jersey, 

And shortly after she was taken for a medical procedure. 

Soon after the story was settled, fans expressed support for the rapper. 

Overwhelmed virtual entertainment to communicate, 

Which gave its latest collection, Destined 2 Win, in 2021. 

The Bergen County Prosecutor's Office posted a tweet on  

Wednesday saying the Edgewater Police Department was  

investigating the shooting of 2 casualties on 6/22 around 12 p.m. 

The Promenade at Edgewater." This statement was shared by 

Edgewater Police. Department retweeted.