NBA draft 2022: NBA Twitter went wild over their new colleagues

NBA Draft Night is essentially one going to be highly energized for all interested parties. 

For draftees, it's a deep-rooted dream 

(and a powerful investigation) has a climax. 

For families, this is a period of outright pride. 

For the fans, it's MVP Grant and the NBA 

With titles there is an opportunity to dream of the future. 

Still, the most compelling responses come from NBA players, 

who watch over the house, because they see that 

With whom will they play after the season's warning? 

Imagine being in an NBA group that similar 

Struggling to take the leap from a competitor 

and your front office will certainly 

Drafting the ideal complement to the sporting genre 

The 2022 NBA Draft Was The Same As The Show Started 

When the Orlando Magic beat the Duke Blue Devils champion forward 

Paolo Banchero was selected as his No.