On Judy Garland's Centenary Birthday, a Appearance on the Original 'Wizard of Oz' 

Initially his name was Francis Ethel Gumm. 

But you probably know her as Judy Garland 

Actress, singer, one of Hollywood's biggest stars as a teen 

From the movies "Let's Put on a Show" with Mickey Rooney 

He had dozens of film roles leading up to "A Star Is Born". 

He is especially cherished for that film, 

Which was launched by critic Bob Mondello in 2005, 

When its multi-disc seventeenth anniversary was set. 

We believe that an encore today is a good time for Judy Garland 

A happy way would be, which would have been a sentinel birthday. 

Bob Mondello: The first time I saw "The Wizard of Oz", 

My family still had a black and white TV set. 

So Dorothy's arrival in Oz once was no longer a gee-whiz second. 

She stepped out of her black and white Kansas farmhouse in a black and white Oz, 

Where the leaves used to be luxurious and the munchkins looked like little brown clowns. 

Judy Garland: (as Dorothy Gale) Toto, I guess we're not in Kansas anymore. 

When we got a color TV later, 

So it used to be unique but only a little. 

When Dorothy stepped through her door, 

so it wasn't such a good deal in color from black and white 

As much as in pastels from sepia.