NBA Finals Game 3: Steph Curry injured as Warriors lose to Celtics in 116-100 

0.33 Close to the loss of the quarter, Steph Curry fired a 27-foot three-pointer 

Putting the Golden State Warriors ahead of the Boston Celtics for the first time in the first minute. 

It was once extra time that the Warriors took the lead. 

as they went 116-100 with the help of the Celtics, 

who took a 2-1 lead in a best-of-seven series in the NBA Finals. 

A terrible night time just got worse for the Golden State 

When Curry dove to the floor for a free ball with Boston's Al Horford,

Joe rolled on Curry's foot with 4 minutes into the game. 

Warriors amulet two minutes later, despite moaning in pain on the ground 

Playing continued before leaving the court room. 

Curry's partner, Splash Brother Klay Thompson, said, 

"If we like to win this thing we want it." 

"I understand that Stef is going to do everything in his power to play. 

I'm literally hoping he's okay because he's our identity, and leaving him, it's going to be very difficult."