Ms Marvel evaluation – a superb debut for the MCU’s first Muslim superhero

Marvel Studios' Ms. Marvel as Kamala Khan 

Has made his incredible debut on Disney Plus with Iman Vellani. 

Kamala has been one of the brightest rising stars in Marvel Comics, 

on the basis that they had their debut in 2014*, 

Although he has been featured in animation and even in some high-profile video games, 

Yet she has remained invisible to the target audience watching the film till now. , 

In the first episode of her Disney Plus series, Kamala is just starting to get in touch with her superpowers, 

Although you may be questioning what they will look like once she's mastered them. 

Or maybe you've heard that his powers are actually one of a kind in the exposition when compared to the comics. 

Here's a look at Ms. Marvel's bizarre superpowers and abilities. 

Yes, we believe Kamala's first look used to be technically in 2013, 

Although it was once an unnamed cameo. Her first comedian series, Ms. Marvel, debuted in 2014.