Michigan candidate for governor, Ryan Kelly, charged with involvement on Jan. 6

Michigan gubernatorial candidate Ryan Kelly on January 6, 2021 

Has been charged with 4 misdemeanors related to the attack on the US Capitol. 

Kelly was once sent through the FBI on Thursday in western Michigan. 

was arrested at his home in Allendale and once bonded 

He was released after his charge to do so. 

He "understood" the answers to most of the judge's questions concerning his rights and responsibilities. 

The initial intention was to take the area to a Grand Rapids federal court, 

Even though the cost is Washington D.C. was filed in. 

Documents say Kelly used to be part of that mob 

who tried to obstruct President Biden's certification as the winner of the November 2020 election. 

The evidence includes images and videos of Uday posted online. 

Kelly is a Republican candidate for governor 

Which will appear in the most important ballot in August statewide. 

This is no longer the case with many different Republicans, 

Thursday afternoon, on Kelly's marketing campaign Facebook web page 

Only a publication with the words "political prisoner" appeared. 

The scoundrel complaint alleges that Kelly, among other things, knowingly entered 

and had indulged in disorderly behavior in limited construction or grounds 

and was indulging in an act of physical violence against any person or property.