Max Verstappen holds off Carlos Sainz to win Canadian Grand Prix

Max Verstappen without precedent for his business on Sunday 

Withheld Carlos Sainz's test to win the Canadian Grand Prix 

and extended his lead on the Formula One drivers' title. 

Major title holder with Ferrari driver 

Won a nail-knocking end-of-race fight, 

who at that time to achieve his 6th success 

and was in second straight after a guaranteed victory in Azerbaijan. 

This victory earned him the victory over Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez. 

In front title 46 made the focus clear, 

those whose mechanical frustrations lead to exits from the workforce 

Found the fault in the group's sixth consecutive race win. 

After flooding a directing lead from the shaft, 

It was set to be a more agreeable end of the week for the Red Bull driver, 

Earlier, AlphaTauri driver Yuki Tsunoda 

Hit the stopping point at the exit of the pits on lap 49. 

With the field at the exit of the safety vehicle after six laps, 

A thrilling battle between Verstappen and Sainz followed,