Los Angeles Angels hearth Joe Maddon; Phil Nevin named intervening time manager

Over the past few days, as his team navigated through a mysterious dropping streak, 

which still hasn't been abandoned, Perry Minassian, the traditional supervisor of the Los Angeles Angels 

Started to believe that a trade on the supervisor might be necessary. 

Tuesday morning, when she took her daughter to her second grade 

After receiving an award Angel walked into the stadium, 

So Minassian was satisfied that it was time to let go of Joe Madden. 

He was known as Arte Moreno, owner of the Angels, received his blessing, 

Then later go to Madon's residence to inform him that he has been fired 

Thirty-two months ago, in October 2019, the company Maddon returned to, 

"It's tough," Minassian said during an information conference at Angel Stadium on Wednesday afternoon. 

"Disappointed it has come down to this. I definitely like the guy. 

This is anyone I am going to speak to for the rest of my life. 

Just daily conversation. Who is he, what is he about. You guys were around him - the strength he brings,