Left-wing up-and-comer and previous guerrilla Gustavo Petro comes out on top in Colombian official race

After winning the country's official race on Sunday, 

Gustavo Petro would go on to become Colombia's most memorable radical pioneer. 

Against the previous guerilla business visionary Rodolfo Hernandez, 77, 

He won with just over half the votes. 

In this memorable win, his running mate Francia Marquez is currently

would become the dominant Afro-Colombian to capture the major powers.

During his victory speech on Sunday night, Petro said

that he is available to exchange with Hernandez.

Similarly, to eliminate the evils in the nation

A great national consensus was needed,

He said, "What is coming here is the real change,

This is what we are dedicating our life to.

We will not deceive the electorate who requested that Colombia be changing from today."

Petro tweeted at the celebration Sunday night, "How about we applaud the primary famous victory.

May such countless sorrows be drowned in joy which has flooded the core of the country today."

Active Colombian President Ivan Duque said that

He called Petro to congratulate him on his victory.

and he called for "an agreed, institutional and direct progress

Agreed to meet much earlier to start."