Kremlin Insists Brittney Griner Is Not A 'Prisoner' After Extending Her Detention A Third Time

Kremlin representative Dmitry Peskov stood up against the idea 

that WNBA star Brittany Griner is being held captive by Russian authorities, 

An Explanation That His Imprisonment By Russian Experts 

After expanding, her attempts to get delivery come in between. 

Peskov told that in his luggage Marijne was allegedly 

He was confined for abusing Russian rules by sending 

And he will be charged for it. 

The Kremlin representative expressed that many Russian residents were forced to leave the country. 

face penalties for violating ownership rules 

And no special case can be made for an unrecognized resident. 

Taking back Griner's claims of being "wrongfully confined", 

Peskov said that he could not be referred to as a "prisoner", 

adding that many Americans living in Russia are "running away at their opportunities," 

As long as they haven't violated any rules. 

Peskov, despite this, would not comment on 

Why Griner was not forbidden to go to Russia after arriving in Moscow 

Where experts guarantee that they will get vape cartridges containing hemp oil under their control. 

Peskov also did not say if Griner would be delivered soon.