kim kardashian pete davidson Look Absolutely Smitten —No Butts About It

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian Should Barely Keep Their Fingers or Eyes Away from Every Other

Because they were in Los Angeles earlier this week.

There's no need for the FBI to go backwards into the matter:

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian only have eyes for each other. 

And the former SNL megastar no longer wants to help but luckily show up to admire his girlfriend's sanity. 

Because she walked in front of him in front of the door of a studio in Los Angeles earlier this week. 

The two appear to share affectionate and clenched fingers as they hang out in the parking lot, 

Where the comic was once seen laughing and moving around with enthusiasm. 

Kim wore a black mesh mini gown and neon naive Balenciaga "Knife Shark" thigh-high boots, 

While Pete, currently dyed platinum hair to fit, 

Mack's branded black-and-white-trimmed bomber jacket. 

Club Deuce, Miami Bar, black pants, black and white sneakers and sunglasses.