Josh Emmett overtakes Calvin Katar 

Josh Emmett for the UFC Featherweight Title Shot 

The case of Saturday froze more fundamentally, 

Because he was invited to UFC Fight Night in Austin, Texas. 

The main event got a different verdict on Calvin Dagger. 

Emmett (18-2) won a five-round fight in an ever-evolving 

Dagger (23-6) followed through with right arm and body shots. 

Each one of the three appointed officers' scorecards was close. 

The two officers provided Emmett a 145-pound fight 48–47, 

The bettors who went as longshots. 

Although the fight was no doubt close, online entertainment 

Making wide scores of fans through the medium, 

Emmett said he was sure of the outcome. 

Current hero Alexander Volkanovsky in Las Vegas on July 2 

Planning to defend his belt against Max Holloway at UFC 276, 

And Emmett requested an opportunity to face the winner.