Jamaica in contrast to Mexico's final result

El Trai pulled out of losses to draw the League of Reg Boys Nations 

Mexico personally pulled out of losses at Kingston 

and against Jamaica in league bunch matches of the four CONCACAF countries. 

Shown to depart with a 1-1 draw. 

Final results within the upcoming federation of FITS in September 

With the floor to make within the standings passes on the El Tri. 

With the final results, Gerardo "Goodbye" Martino's men won some diplomas. 

Completed the uneven 3 week suit on good notice. 

But the institute has postponed its fifth deadline of June. 

And took part in some respectable chants in the last match. 

But, things were not easy for Mexicans in Jamaica. 

Healthy people were given a sad start for El Trai 

He used two clear ganders on goal in the opening seconds. 

Not to mention sharing 

And later Leon Bailey saw the opening opener for Jamaica.