Taya Valkyrie turns into a triple champion at Impact Slammiversary

Taya Valkyrie has been doing pretty well since leaving NXT. 

Taya won the AAA Reina de Reina Championship from Deona Purrazzo, 

She then won the first MLW Women's Featherweight Championship against Holiday. 

His stellar streak continued in the Impact Slammyverse. 

Knockout World Tag Team against Taya Tennille Dashwood & Madison Rene 

Reunited with Rosemary to challenge for the championship. 

Ragnarok was surprisingly back together. 

Taya also wore her unique ear protectors for the event. 

Rosemary had to kill her virgin spouse 

Despite hesitation to believe the one who tries, 

Taya and Rosemary completely agreed. 

Taya got off to a solid start by slipping a German suplex. 

Later, she went crazy on hot tag with a turning blue thunder bomb.