Proprietor of Marilyn Monroe dress says Kim Kardashian 'in no manner' harm it

Ripleys Believe It or Not! Credit for Monroe's 'Cheerful Birthday' outfit 

Giving the unscripted television star preserved and said 

that its importance is 'not discredited, but portrayed' 

The owner of the costume has a place with Marilyn Monroe 

and are worn by kim kardashian, 

The Met Ball of the Month is Finally Claimed 

That the dress was damaged by the credits. 

Ripley's Believe It Or Not!, who bought the costume 

Monroe wore it in 1962 to sing Happy Birthday to John F. Kennedy 

for £3.8m in 2016, said it was "fixed" 

That Kardashian did no harm to the article of clothing. 

After the photo was posted to Instagram by Scott Fortner, a Monroe collector, 

After guaranteeing "huge" damages, 

Against the unapologetic television star wearing a costume 

This came after a re-established response. 

From the pictures it looked like they were severely clogged, 

are ripping and surprisingly, sewn on the dress 

There seems to be a shortage of a part of the gems. 

Damage to the Shoulder Lashes Also by Producer Darrell Rooney