5 things we got from Jennifer Lopez's Netflix story 'Halftime' 

Jennifer Lopez is clearly tied up. 

"Halftime", which screened last week at the Tribeca Film Festival 

and completed Tuesday, premiering on Netflix. 

Lopez's expert life in the making and progress of the movie "Tricksters" 

and the Super Bowl halftime show with Shakira 

Let's take a look at the background. 

The following are five focus points from the narrative. 

Lopez was disappointed with the separation from the Super Bowl show 

For the 2020 Halftime Show, Lopez and Shakira 

Divide your time evenly for 14 minutes of execution, 

Singing a mix of his critical hits. 

And keeping in mind that Lopez had to be with Shakira on a public stage 

was honored to perform, 

In the background she was also amazed about the inevitability of time in the exhibition. 

During one scene, Shakira and Lopez talk on the telephone about the Super Bowl: 

Lopez tells Shakira, "If it were a double main event, 

So they should have given us 20 minutes. 

Preparing for the show with her music director, 

Lopez also seems to be complicit in the inevitability of the times. 

"It was the most obviously terrible idea on the planet 

That two guys do the Super Bowl," she says.