Government restriction on famous Juul items approaching in the midst of youth vaping concerns

The US Food and Drug Administration supposedly from the market 

Requests are being made to eliminate Joule Labs' vaping items. 

The Wall Street Journal reveals that Joule's e-cigarettes

Transition to boycott may come when vaping on Wednesday 

Non-natural after two years survey of stalwart's application 

Approved to continue selling product seasoned items. 

The FDA Has Been Hostile To Getting Serious About Those Items 

Juul in the middle of the call for tobacco ceremonies and many different 

have tracked promoting applications from organizations, 

Which has recently inspired a flood of youth to some extent. 

In any case, proponents of these nicotine-transmitting devices say 

that they encourage older smokers to smoke cigarettes or use other tobacco 

Juul did not immediately comment on the report. 

A representative of the FDA said that the organization has no access to Juul's application. 

There is no data about the scheme of choice of the organization.