General Hospital’ megastar Jack Wagner’s son Harrison, 27, located lifeless in parking lot

Harrison has battled dependence in the past, but it is questionable whether it played a part in his death. 

According to Jack, in July 2016, he went missing for almost a week after a sabbatical. 

"I'm going to ask people who share their fears via Twitter, 

Likes to share addictions and struggles. We may face him twice, I will begin,” the actor had tweeted at the time.

"I am concerned about the safety of my youngest sons," he confessed in a few other tweets. 

"Harrison has struggled for w tablet and alcohol 

Like I did when I was little. He has relapsed and MIA is 5 days." 

The next day, Jack updated his followers to tell him that he had heard from his son. 

"Harrison is in touch," he tweeted. "He is 21 and at the cost of his life, 

lv and prayers, please go ahead to share your struggles it helps us all."