Fall Guys currently free on Epic however de-recorded from Steam

Engineer Mediatonic has confirmed that it has been removed from the stage today. 

Mediatonic said, "To everyone who claims the game so far, 

I hope you will get all the help 

And every single delicious update that comes in different stages, 

Including crossplay. and cross-movement support." 

"In any case, please note that after 1:00AM EST on June 21st, 

New players will not be able to purchase and download Fall Guys on Steam, 

And the item page will never appear on the customer front again." 

Fall Guys players who haven't already purchased the game on Steam,

They currently have to go to the Epic Games Store,

When the Fall Guys switch to an allowed-to-play model, 

When Fall Guys switches to an allowed-to-play model, 

Which is likewise the Xbox Control Center, Switch, and PS5, as well as 

Makes the game accessible on previous PC and PS4 stages. 

Fall Guys was initially released on PS4 and Steam back in 2020, 

However since that time forward designer Mediatonic has been acquired by Epic Games. 

Progress has seen changes in the Steam version, for example, 

Season 6 introduces prerequisites for an Epic Games account, 

Although the allowed to-play adaptation will be shipped from Steam 

Epic Games marks a total change to the launcher. 

For more, check out some of the interactivity from the Fall Guys prime times, 

That includes allowing for patch-ups, as well as its new Halo Hybrid. 

Regardless, the Steam form of the Fall Boys will continue to receive full support. 

In a post on the Fall Guys Steam People Group page,