Europa League prize money breakdown: How much do the winners get in 2022?

The UEFA Europa League is increasingly taking on more importance as a tournament within the European continental framework and there are a number of factors that have contributed to its development.

On the field, the competition is second only to the UEFA Champions League. In fact, teams with Champions League quality often enter the Europa League this year with Barcelona, RB Leipzig and Atalanta in that category.

In addition to European silverware for the team, there is also an automatic bid for next season's Champions League, which is prestigious, financially lucrative, and helps with player recruitment.

The winner is also guaranteed a place in the UEFA Super Cup, the August showcase event.

And if all that wasn't enough, there's an unlikely event for the team that hoists the trophy on May 18 in Seville, Spain.

Below is a full breakdown of the cash that has been distributed so far and what's coming for the teams that could move into the 2021-22 edition. How much does a Europa League winner make?

Each of the Europa League finalists will only receive $5.2 million to advance to the championship match as the last two teams in the tournament stand. However, the winner will come with almost twice that amount.

The Europa League champions will pocket an additional $4.53 million due to qualifying for the UEFA Super Cup, a one-off match against the UEFA Champions League winners traditionally scheduled as the kickoff for the European season in August.