Azealia Banks 'I Don't Wanna F***ing Be Here!!!' Melts Down During Miami Pride Show

Azealia Banks says she is getting terribly upset,

And even though his anger doesn't show on the followers... 

Azealia Saturday morning - about three o'clock - Wynwood 

Gaurav used to be on stage for the concert, 

And being there used to be too much. 

Controversial rapper - who with his boobs 

Started shouting about the promoters made out by all means 

that she's shocking him about her set examples 

And whether he is the headliner or not. 

He openly told the crowd, "I'm not happy to be here anymore." 

Azealia jumped up a bit, and said she knew 

that it was not the fault of the fans... she said, 

"I am trying you all, however difficult it is."